Susie Jones

Susie is an award winning writer-director whose work includes two micro-budget short films. The first of these NEW MARS won several awards and was nominated by BAFTA qualifying film festival Underwire. NEW MARS was acquired by DUST sci-fi channel and had 100,000 views in just the first week of release.


Her latest short BIRD LADY (starring Eileen Davies), also made on a shoe-string budget, is currently out on the festival circuit which so far includes Derby, McMinnville (Oregon), Crystal Palace, Imagine (Amsterdam) and Abertoir International Horror Film festival and has been nominated in six categories by Maverick Movie Awards.

Susie's recent short films show the development of her characteristic style which is sparse on dialogue and strong on visuals.

Susie is currently in post-production on her next film a British Film Institute backed short called The Rising of The Sap - a fresh female take on the folk horror genre.